Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum 2023

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The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) is an annual tobacco industry conference.

GTNF 2023 was a hybrid event that took place virtually, and in Seoul for in-person delegates, from 19-21 September 2023.1 Sessions were also available online after the event.2

The following speakers, panellists and moderators were listed on the GTNF 2023 agenda:34

  • Adam Afriyie- Member of UK Parliament for Windsor, and Vice Chair of the All Party All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Vaping5
  • Mohammed Agrabawi- ANDS
  • Jasjit Ahluwalia- Brown University School of Public Health and Alpert School of Medicine
  • Tim Andrews- Americans for Tax Reform and the Tholos Foundation
  • Patrick Basham- The Democracy Institute
  • Carolyn Beaumont- SmokerHealth Telehealth and MedicalNicotine scripts
  • David Bertram- EUK Consulting
  • Paul Blair- Philip Morris International
  • Erik Bloomquist– Global Nicotine and Tobacco Investment Consultant
  • Stefan Bomhard- CEO, Imperial Brands
  • Rob Burton- Pixsur Group
  • Benjamin Butterworth- iNews and Media Commentator
  • Julian Cheung- Japan Tobacco International (JTI)
  • Anna Choi- Sejong University
  • Samrat Chowdhery- Association of Vapers India and INNCO
  • Kai-Jen Chuang- Taipei Medical University
  • Alex Clark- Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA)
  • Tao Cui- Innokin Technology
  • Sinclair Davidson- Economist and Author
  • Ming Deng- Yunnan University
  • Kim Do-Hwan- Korea Electronic Cigarette Association
  • Dave Dobbins- American Legacy Foundation and The Truth Initiative
  • Catharine Dockery- Vice Ventures
  • Matt Drodge- Walnut Unlimited
  • Stacy Ehrlich- Kleinfeld Kaplan and Becker LLP
  • Konstantinos Farsalinos- School of Public Health at the University of West Attica
  • Christopher Fleury- Ipsos
  • Marina Foltea- Trade Pacts Consultancy
  • Marewa Glover- Center of Research Excellence: Indigenous Sovereignty and Smoking
  • Christopher B. Greer- Tobacco Merchants Association (TMA)
  • Klaus Hagen- Splash
  • Angela Harbutt– Consultant
  • Delon Human– Health Diplomats
  • Yu Kang- Hangsen International Group
  • Brian King- US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Center for Tobacco Products
  • Ana Krasojevic- JTI
  • James Kuang- ICCPP Group
  • Hiroya Kumamaru- AOI International Hospital, Japan
  • Sanjay Kumar- The Korea Herald
  • James Lambert- Oxford Economics
  • Jeremy Lim- Saw See Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore
  • David Levy- Georgetown University
  • Mark LittlewoodInstitute of Economic Affairs
  • Shawn Long- Yunnan Research Institute and Tobacco Flavor Research and Development Center at Zinwi Biotech
  • Nancy Loucas- CAPHRA
  • Fadi Maayta- ANDS
  • David Maddox- Express Online
  • Colin Mendelsohn- Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA)
  • Stefanie Miller- Juul Labs Inc
  • Marina Murphy- ANDS
  • Marlen Nazarov- Alfabet Labs
  • Brett O’Donnell- O’Donnell and Associates
  • Flora Okereke- British American Tobacco (BAT)
  • Cherry Pan- Smiss Technology Company, Oriental Division
  • Fiona Patten- Reason Party Leader
  • Sudhanshu Patwardhan- Healthtech Entrepreneur and Medical Director of the Centre for Health Research and Education (CHRE)6
  • Tim Phillips- Tamarind Intelligence
  • Riccardo Polosa– University of Catania, and the Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction (CoEHAR)
  • Kezia Purick- Member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly in the Australian Parliament
  • Robert Pye- Filtrona
  • Elise Rasmussen- Founder & Chief Director, GTNF
  • Diane Raverdy-Lambert- SWM Engineered Papers Division
  • Elaine Round- BAT
  • Christopher Russell- Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy and Special Advisor at the Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR)7
  • Priscilla Samuel- Reynolds American
  • Luis Sanches- Greenbutts
  • Mohamadi Sarkar- Altria Client Services
  • Valerie Solomon- BAT
  • David Sweanor- University of Ottawa
  • Brent Taylor- Altria Client Services
  • Steffy Thevar- The Times of India
  • Clarisse Yvette Virgino- CAPHRA
  • Pieter Vorster- Idwala Research
  • Eve Wang- Smoore International and Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co.
  • Kingsley WheatonBAT
  • Rupert Wilson- Strategic Business Consulting
  • Derek Yach- Global Health Strategies LLC
  • Jessica Zdinak- Applied Research and Analysis Company
  • Rex Zhang- Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co
  • Everest Zhao- Voopoo

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