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Erik Bloomquist has been a Senior financial analyst in global tobacco for Haitong Securities UK since December 2015.1 Prior to this, Bloomquist was an equity analyst covering tobacco at Berenberg bank for five years, and before that, he spent seven years as Head of Global Tobacco Research at JP Morgan.
Bloomquist is a regular speaker at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum, an annual tobacco industry event.

Links with the Tobacco Industry

Bloomquist produced a report called Global tobacco: The plain risk to global tobacco in 2011. The report credited tobacco industry consultant John Luik for his assistance. Plagiarism software revealed that Bloomquist’s report replicated 73% of a report called Erasing Intellectual Property by Luik and Patrick Basham. Bloomquist’s report is therefore regarded as inextricably linked to the tobacco industry.2

Plain Packaging is a Slippery Slope

Following the January 2015 announcement that the Government was to vote on draft plain packaging regulations, Bloomquist was quoted in the media promoting the slippery slope argument that other industries will be next.

“I think it’s highly likely that plain packaging extends into other categories, especially alcohol and junk food. By the time tobacco plain packaging is established, it will be too late for the others to push back as the precedent will be set.”3

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