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Sharing a page

You can share a TobaccoTactics page direct to Twitter, Facebook or by e-mail, by using the icons at the top of the page. There is also a print to PDF function:

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The ‘Cite’ button copies a citation and access date to the clipboard. Please use this when citing TobaccoTactics content.

Navigating a page

Each item in the contents list links to a heading on the page.

Some longer pages have a summary of key points at the top.

Where related information can be found on other TobaccoTactics pages, hyperlinks are used.

References in the text are numbered and hyperlink to the list at the end of the page (see below for more details)

Acronyms are used frequently on pages. These will be spelled out in full at first mention on the page, for example:

  • Philip Morris International (PMI) and British American Tobacco (BAT)
  • The Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) in the United Kingdom (UK)

Some pages, including our Long Reads and Tobacco Supply Chain page, have a simplified structure. Other pages follow a standard format, described below.

Main content sections


Information on individual, organisation or tactic.

For organisations, this may include:

  • Location
  • Dates of operation
  • How it frames its activities

For tactics, the page may explain where, when and how they were used, and who used them.

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

Description of historical or current relationship with the tobacco industry with supporting evidence.

Current activity

This information may be split into several sections with subheadings.

They may include:

  • Activities
  • Memberships and partnerships
  • Personnel and board members
  • Investments and products

Relevant Links

  • List of links to external pages (not verified by TobaccoTactics)

TobaccoTactics Resources

  • List of related TobaccoTactics pages

TCRG Research

  • Links to our relevant research papers.

For a comprehensive list of publications by the Tobacco Control Research Group, including research that evaluates the impact of public health policy, go to Bath TCRG’s list of publications.


You can show or hide the reference list using the button:

Image of reference list with hide button

Information is rigorously referenced. Sources include academic publications, reports, data and media articles, with links to publicly available documents and websites where possible.

They appear as footnotes at the bottom of the page. Repeat citations are indicated by lower case letters (a, b, c). Each number or letter hyperlinks back to the relevant position in the text:

Image of reference


Below the reference list are the category tags applied to the page. These will take you to other related content via our lists of ‘Topics’:

Note on edit date

Pages will show the date and time that a page was last edited. This can be a minor update and not all content would necessarily have been checked or updated on this date:

Image of article title with edit date

Some pages have dated header text indicating that the page has been formally archived:

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