Editorial Board & Contributors


TobaccoTactics’ world-renowned analysis of transnational tobacco companies and their activities, allies, strategies and personnel is the result of a rigorous, peer-reviewed editorial process from a team of expert researchers and writers based at the University of Bath’s Tobacco Control Research Group.

This page gives details on the editorial team for TobaccoTactics and their research profiles as well as other contributors. If you wish to be considered as a contributing writer and researcher, please see the notes below. If you have a complaint about content on Tobacco Tactics please see Right of Reply.


Dr Raouf Alebshehy: Managing Editor

Karin Silver: Deputy Editor

Andy Rowell: Investigative Lead

Phil Chamberlain: Deputy Director TCRG

Tobacco Tactics Writing Team

Hala Alaouie: Monitoring Coordinator

Louis Laurence: Investigative Researcher

Tom Gatehouse: Research Assistant

Hussein Faeq: Research Assistant

TCRG Contributors

Amber Van Den Akker

Adam Bertscher

Dr Sophie Braznell

Dr Allen Gallagher

Dr Rosemary Hiscock

Claudia Jardim

Dr Tess Legg

Dr Britta Matthes

Dr Zaineb Sheik

Dr Karen Evans-Reeves, Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Angela Carriedo Lutzenkirchen, Honorary Research Fellow

Previous Contributors

Amelia Crowther

Mercedes Carballo

Sarah Dance

Benoit Gomis, University of Toronto

Melissa Jones

Nancy Karreman, University of Cambridge

Christina Kyriakos, Imperial College London

Dr Kathrin Lauber, University of Edinburgh

Rachel Maynard

Dr Manuja Perera, Centre for Combatting Tobacco Control

Dr Lindsay Robertson

Marzia Violini

Morgan Zeiss, The Union

We acknowledge the contribution of the late Dr Mateusz Zatoński 


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