How to Search Tobacco Tactics


On the Tobacco Tactics homepage, you can search for pages by title or keyword and browse recent content, news items and Long Reads (feature articles that give context to tobacco industry tactics).

Detailed instructions

There are two main ways to explore the content available on TobaccoTactics:

  1. Search Engine
  2. Categories

Search Engine

You’ll find the search bar at the top of our Homepage. To begin a search, just type your query into the box and press enter or click on the magnifying glass symbol. You can use single words, strings of words, or sentences.

The search engine will provide a list of all the pages that contain the search term in either the title or the page itself. It will also direct you to any documents uploaded to the TobaccoTactics site that match your search terms.

On your search results page you can choose to only view TobaccoTactics pages or STOP resources, or All results which draws from both.

Image of search results for Imperial Brands

You can also sort your results by most recent by selecting sort by date.

Image of search results filter

Browsing by categories

On the homepage, you will find our key categories:

Image of category boxes

  • Geography lets you browse by geographical area, and access out regional and country profiles (note: not all countries have profiles yet!)
  • Tactics and Themes is our broadest category, where you can find examples of tactics used by the industry and its allies around a series of tobacco control policy issues. Here you can also access pages on Industry people and Allies
  • Companies and Products includes profiles on each of the largest Transnational Tobacco Companies, as well as the products they sell.

You can also find more categories under our Popular Topics on the Homepage, or browse all topics from this page.

How categories work

Clicking on any of these categories leads you to a list of all pages under each category, as well as sub-categories. For example, the category Companies and Products contains the sub-category Tobacco Companies, which then contains the category British American Tobacco.

Image of company pages and sub categories

Some categories have featured articles at the very top, to help you access the most relevant pages for that topic:

Every page on the TobaccoTactics website is categorised, so that it can be found and grouped with other pages on similar topics. You can see the category labels at the very bottom of each page. Every page has more than one relevant category attached to it. You can browse the site by clicking on these category labels at the bottom of each page.

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