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The Japan Foundation describes itself as “Japan’s only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world”.1

Much like Germany’s Goethe-Institut and the French Institut Francais, the Foundation supports arts and cultural exchanges as well as Japanese language teaching and studies as part of cultural soft diplomacy.

It has well-established financial links with a number of corporations including Japan Tobacco International. In 2021 it was a sponsor, alongside Philip Morris International, of the high-profile Future of Asia conference.


The Japan Foundation was established in 1972 and has 25 overseas offices including nine in Asian countries, six in European countries and five in the Americas.2

It estimates that in 2019 more than 1.5m people attended or took part in events it organised around the world and more than 3.8m were learning Japanese.3

The organisation is registered as a “public benefit organisation” in Japan and is supported by a mix of grants, corporate donations and membership fees and government subsidies. According to the 2019/20 annual report this amounted to more than JPY23.7bn (approximately UK£15.4m).3

Many large Japanese companies support the Foundation but the value of individual donations, fees or grants are not disclosed.

Links with Japan Tobacco International

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has provided financial and other support for cultural activities arranged by the Foundation across the globe since at least 2013. The details are set out below. No specific financial information has been released.


For several years JTI has funded language support in Russia. In 2018 that extended to students from Belarusian State University. Those who won a Japanese language proficiency competition were able to study in Japan for six months. The competition was organised by the Foundation along with the Japanese embassy and JTI.45

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Japanese language courses at the University of Sarajevo were organised by the Japanese Embassy in conjunction with the Foundation and sponsored by JTI.6


JTI sponsored a student package design competition in 2018/19.5


In 2013 JTI supported two exhibitions in Rome marking the 50th anniversary of Japan Cultural Institute.7


In 2017, the Foundation arranged for the Japanese dance company Noism to perform in Romania. The event was called JTI Encounters, which supported it.8


Foundation annual reports from 2013 onwards show that JTI donations for “Japanese language and studies at Russian Universities” on an annual basis.

In May 2018 JTI also sponsored a performance in Russia by the group Drum Tao at the opening of the Japan Year in Russia event.9

In 2021 The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presented Double Vision: Contemporary Art from Japan in collaboration with the Japan Foundation. The event from 14 March to 6 May was supported by JTI.10

United States

In March 2021. JTI was a contributing sponsor to the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival’s opening ceremony in Washington. This prestigious event featured a range of cultural performances.11

The Future of Asia Conference

The Foundation is co-sponsor of the 2021 The Future of Asia conference taking place in Japan. The other sponsor is Philip Morris International (PMI). The incoming CEO of PMI Jacek Olczak was listed to speak at the event.12

Foundation personnel

Kazuyoshi Umemoto was appointed president in 2020 after a long diplomatic career including ambassadorships in Switzerland, the UN Mission and Italy. His predecessor Ando Hiroyasu similarly had a diplomatic background.13

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