UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA)

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UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) describes itself as the ‘’country’s leading forum for supporting, developing and promoting the £1bn vaping industry’’ and was established in September 2016.1
John Dunne, Director of UKVIA and Managing Director of E-Liquid Brands, has stated that UKVIA represents “the independent vaping sector, alongside the vaping brands of the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.’’2 UKVIA has links to the tobacco industry, and to the (APPG) for Vaping (E-Cigarettes).

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

Direct Links to Tobacco Companies

Image 1 – Screengrab of UKVIA’s website, accessed April 2019, showing tobacco industry members

Since it was established in 2016 UKVAI’s membership has consisted of small independent e-cigarette manufactures and the four major tobacco companies: Japan Tobacco International (JTI), British American Tobacco (BAT), Philip Morris International (PMI),3456 and Imperial Tobacco, which was a full member by 2019, replacing their subsidiary Fontem Ventures (see image 1).7
Board Members of UKVIA also hold senior positions at tobacco companies:

  • Stephen Knowles is the Regulatory Affairs Manager at BAT and was previously its Regulatory Engagement & Legal Executive (2016 – 2017).8 From 2013 to 2015, Knowles was a Political Researcher in Public Relations for Ian Paisley Jr, a Member of UK Parliament (MP).9
  • Chris Aikens joined JTI as Government Relations Manager in September 2017. Prior to this he worked in the House of Commons in various supportive roles to David Gauke MP, James Morris MP and Brandon Lewis MP1011. (Lewis is a member of the Free Enterprise Group an “association of free-market orientated” Conservative MPs.)12
  • James Barrow joined PMI as External Affairs Lead in March 2018, where he promotes the company’s smoke-free products.13
  • Zoe Walker-Cleave joined Imperial Tobacco in 2012 as UK Public Policy Manager.14 In 2015 she became Head of Government Affairs “covering Next Generation products in addition to traditional tobacco policy”.

Indirect Links to Tobacco Companies

In March 2019 it was reported that, JUUL Labs had joined UKVIA.15 JUUL Labs Inc is a San Francisco-based e-cigarette company, 33% owned by tobacco giant Altria, and whose e-cigarette brand JUUL has received national media attention and criticism for appealing to children.161718
Dan Thomson, Managing Director of JUUL Labs UK said that a “crucial” reason for joining UKVIA was its new “code of conduct’’,19 requiring retailers to use the ‘’Challenge 25’’ age identification system (currently used for alcohol purchases) in stores, and have an age verification system in place for online sales.
UKVIA lists Vape Business Ireland and the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) as “Partners”. Both organisations have tobacco companies as members. 2021

Linked to All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping (E-Cigarettes)

Since September 2017 UKVIA has operated as the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for E-Cigarettes, which changed its name in January 2019 to APPG “for Vaping”.22 The APPG has been criticized for accepting funding from the tobacco industry via UKVIA. 2324
For more information see (APPG) for Vaping (E-Cigarettes).

UKVIA Events Sponsored by Tobacco Industry

In 2018 UKVIA hosted its first conference called ‘Going for Growth’, with PMI, Logic (a JTI brand), and blu (an Imperial brand) listed as “Support Sponsors”.25
Mark Pawsey MP, Chair of the APPG and Keynote Speaker of this event, said that UKVIA had ‘’a real opportunity to take advantage of the progressive attitude of our government and public health community to shape a bespoke regulatory regime for the future of the vaping industry’’. Pawsey chaired a session on the “regulatory landscape” where Chris Snowdon, from the Institute of Economic Affairs said Brexit was an opportunity for the UK government to change the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), calling it an “easy win”. Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns at The Freedom Association, which has often supported tobacco industry campaigns, also contributed.26
Two other MPs led panel discussions.27 Gareth Johnson MP, vice-chair of the APPG, chaired a session on “whether the tobacco and pharmaceutical’s historic legacy will hinder their involvement in the vaping market”.28
Norman Lamb MP, chair of House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee (at the time conducting an enquiry into e-cigarettes),29 chaired a session on “Bolstering public health evidence on vaping”, which was addressed by Gerry Stimson, a sociologist who promotes a harm reduction approach to public health and has links with the tobacco industry.
The second UKVIA Forum, in May 2019, listed BAT, Logic and blu as “supporters”.30 UKVIA described the event as being ‘’dedicated to capturing the public health prize of vaping’’ and listed speakers/panellists including Mark Pawsey MP, Chris Snowdon, and Martin Cullip. Cullip was listed as representing the New Nicotine Alliance (a charity promoting vaping as a form harm reduction).

Lobbied Government to Use Vaping as Cessation Tool

UKVIA have actively lobbied the UK government on vaping policy. They are not currently listed on either the UK government’s voluntary Register of Consultant lobbyists, or the UK Lobbying Register run by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Gave Evidence to Science and Technology Select Committee (2018)

After UKVIA’s 2018 conference, Director Dunne reported that Norman Lamb MP was ‘’so convinced by the arguments raised… he immediately arranged for us to give formal evidence in Parliament a fortnight later’’. UKVIA gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee on 9 May 2018, and the Select Committee report was submitted to government in August that year.313233
When asked whether there was a role for “heat-not-burn products” in quitting, Dunne replied that UKVIA did “not have a view on that, because we are a vaping organisation”.34

Hosted Report Launch in Parliament

In November 2017 UKVIA published a report by the APPG for E-Cigarettes called ‘State of the Vaping Nation’.35 UKVIA organised a launch reception in the House of Commons, with Norman Lamb MP promoting the report alongside Pawsey and Dunne,3637 a month after the Select Committee inquiry into e-cigarettes was announced.3839 The APPG report urged Government to consider adopting a more lenient policy towards vaping.40 Pawsey argued that: ‘’There is no doubt that the current mixed messages surrounding vaping are creating a confusing picture’’.41 In its coverage of the report launch UKVIA placed some of the blame for this confusion on “alarmist news headlines” and “‘junk science’”, a phrase that does not appear in the APPG report but has long been used to attack academic research.42

Promoted Vaping to Public

In March 2018 UKVIA and Mark Pawsey launched an awareness campaign called ‘VApril’, outside the Houses of Parliament, to encourage smokers to switch to vaping.4344 John Dunne, Director of UKVIA, stated that ‘’VApril marked a milestone for the vaping industry in the UK’’.
In 2019, ‘VApril’ was again launched by UKVIA, this time outside the Houses of Parliament and with the doctor and TV personality Dr Christian Jessen as the figurehead for a “nationwide education campaign”.45 Jessen had also been at the 2018 event, featured in a UKVIA leaflet promoting vaping as a tool for quitting smoking,46 and was listed as Keynote Speaker at the UKVIA 2019 conference.

Opposed to Additional Tax on Vaping Products

In August 2018 multiple stories appeared in the UK media claiming that the UK Government was considering a “sin” tax on vaping products to help fund the NHS.47484950 UKVIA wrote to the Treasury claiming that such a tax would risk damaging public health and that it conflicted with government stop smoking policy.5152 In response the Treasury stated that ‘’we have no current plans to introduce a new tax on vaping products’’.53

Lobbied Against International Vaping Regulation

UKVIA have said that it supports “a responsible and fair regulatory framework”,54 At its 2018 conference UKVIA stated that it would be lobbying for changes to the TPD and advertising regulations “to allow the full public health potential of vaping products to be realised”.555657585960. Their aim was to get the WHO to reverse its “decision to invite bans and restrictions on vaping”, and to recognise vaping as “part of an effective harm reduction strategy’’.61

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