When it comes to sustainability, the tobacco industry should stop blowing smoke


In an article for Eco-Business.com, Tobacco Tactics’ Nancy Karreman explores the tobacco industry’s environmental violations and why it is engaged in the worst kind greenwashing.

The latest announcements from British American Tobacco (BAT) are a good example of this. When Jack Bowles, the Chief Executive, introduced the company’s new growth strategy recently, he proclaimed that BAT was transitioning to being a business “where sustainability … is front and center in all that we do.”

The company’s sustainability report trumpeted BAT’s investment of USD $57.8 million in community projects and charitable donations over the past three years, but failed to mention this is less than one-tenth of one percent of the company’s USD $91.9 billion revenue over the same period. Or that it pales in comparison to the costs the tobacco industry imposes on environmental and human health.

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