Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids tackles tobacco industry racism


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) has launched The Campaign for the Culture, a US initiative aimed at “uniting, empowering, educating and engaging people of color and other targeted communities around critical healthcare and human rights issues connected to tobacco use, with the goal of inspiring young community members to avoid or quit tobacco use.”
A part of the campaign, CTFK will host the first in a series of cultural conversations on tobacco use and race on February 24th  at 7pm (EST). Watch it here.

CTFK and partners have also launched a new report that reveals how the tobacco industry targets Black communities: STOPPING MENTHOL, SAVING LIVES: ENDING BIG TOBACCO’S PREDATORY MARKETING TO BLACK COMMUNITIES

For more on this topic see the TobaccoTactics Long Read: Racism and the Tobacco Industry



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