New TCRG research on intimidation in tobacco control


A new paper from the Tobacco Control Research Group explores the experiences of intimidation among members of the tobacco control community. The study builds on an earlier exploratory study, which established intimidation as a crucial challenge to tobacco control progress, offering insights into how advocates and researchers respond to intimidation and what could be done to better support them. The researchers ran a focus group and conducted interviews with 29 advocates and researchers from around the world.

Lead author Dr Britta K Matthes explains:

When asked about how to enhance the situation, participants suggested four main areas for action: We need to 1) raise awareness in the tobacco control community, 2) better prepare individuals and organisations to manage potential risks, 3) offer support to those in need, and 4) look beyond tobacco control, learning from, and working with, those working in other sectors.

Read the paper:

“They try to suppress us, but we should be louder”: a qualitative exploration of intimidation in tobacco control, B.K. Matthes, R. Alebshehy, A.B. Gilmore, Globalization & Health, 19:88,  2023, doi: 10.1186/s12992-023-00991-0.

See also University of Bath article: Time to clamp down on intimidation of international tobacco advocates and researchers

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