Blog – UKTI recommendations to minimise industry interference: UK Tobacco and Vapes Bill


A new blog from the Tobacco Control Research Group on the implementation of the new UK Tobacco and Vapes Bill has been published by the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

It suggests how the UK Government could ensure that the piece of legislation, which includes the ‘smokefree generation’ – or ‘endgame’ – policy, could be implemented effectively without interference from the tobacco industry and vested interests.

Highlighting the findings of the UK Tobacco Industry Interference Index (UKTI) the blog outlines the report’s recommendations which include: creating a legally binding register for lobbying; prescribing standards for interactions between public officials and industry; ensuring transparent regulatory consultations; and banning corporate social responsibility activities.

Read the blog:

R. Alebshehy, T. Gatehouse, A moment of truth for UK tobacco control? University of Bath Institute for Policy Research, 9 February 2024

For information on how the tobacco industry has already tried to interfere with tobacco endgame policies, see Tobacco Industry Interference with Endgame Policies.


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