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The Academy of Ideas (formerly the Institute of Ideas) is a think-tank that forms part of the pro-corporate libertarian network which is dominated by people affiliated with the defunct LM Magazine.[1]


People affiliated with the Institute have consistently taken a pro-smoking stance:

  • In December 2011, David Bowden, from then Institute of Ideas attacked a proposed smoking ban in cars, arguing that "Nothing seems more poisonous to a free society than that".[2] He told the BBC "We either give individuals the choice to make their own moral responsibility to have bad habits which the government may not approve of, or we don't at all," [3]
  • In July 2011, Patrick Hayes from then Institute spoke at a meeting in Stony Stratford against a proposed ban on smoking in public places, alongside Euro-Sceptic MEPs Roger Helmer and Nigel Farage and other libertarian / right wing activists. The protest was organised by libertarian pro-smoking blogger Martin Cullip.[4][5]

Key People


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