Nikos Mertzanidis

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Nikos Mertzanidis was the European Union (EU) Affairs Manager of Imperial Tobacco.1
Mertzanidis left Imperial Tobacco in 2015.

Lobbying EU Decision Makers

In his role as EU Affairs Manager, Mertzanidis helped Imperial Tobacco “contribute to the legislative process via public consultations, public hearings, workshops etc.”2
Mertzanidis was responsible for monitoring legislative proposals in the European Parliament, and identifying those that may impact Imperial Tobacco’s business and where “senior colleagues, specialized in the above issues Industrial Policies, Agriculture, Environment and International Trade can contribute”.3

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    3. He also represented Imperial Tobacco in European trade associations.
      Both in Parliament and in the trade associations, Mertzanidis’ job was to “create relevant strong messages” to influence policy in favour of the tobacco company.