Martin Braddock

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Martin Braddock was a senior executive at Japan Tobacco International (JTI). His most recent role was that of Regional President for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region (2006-2013).12
He left the company in November 2013.1


Braddock began his career with Price Waterhouse UK in 1986 and in 1989 Braddock qualified as Certified Accountant while working in Eastern Europe.3

Career with Tobacco Industry

Braddock joined the international operations of American tobacco company RJ Reynolds (RJR) in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1993 as Manager Finance East and Central Europe.4 In 1997 he was appointed Senior Director Finance & Chief Financial Officer for RJR’s Africa/ East and Central Europe business.4

RJR’s international business was acquired in 1999 by Japan Tobacco Group, creating Japan Tobacco International (JTI).
In 2002, Braddock was promoted to JTI’s Financial Director.5

Belarus: Launched New Cigarette Production Line

Since 2005, JTI has localised its cigarette production in Belarus and has been working with state-run tobacco company Neman from 2009.6

In July 2011, Belarus national media reported that Braddock had unveiled a new super slim cigarette production line at the Grodno-based factory of Neman, promising further investment in the country and expressing confidence that this new production line would be “a positive signal to other foreign investors”.

Euromonitor International data shows that JTI had a 20% cigarette market share in Belarus in 2017.7 That same year JTI’s cigarette brand Winston was the third most popular brand on the Belarus market, after Neman’s Minsk and NZ brands.8

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