Jody Begley

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Jody Begley was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Altria in September 2020.1

Long Career with Altria

Begley joined Philip Morris USA, an Altria company, in 1995, where he held various positions including:2

  • Vice President, Brand Management
  • Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
  • Vice President, Marketing & Promotion Services
  • Vice President: Brand Management, Smokeless
  • Vice President, Brand Management, Philip Morris USA
  • Vice President, Customer & Marketing Services, AGDC

Immediately prior to being appointed COO, Begley served as President and General Manager of Nu Mark, through which Altria produced e-cigarettes until December 2018.3 Read more on our E-cigarettes: Altria page.

Begley is one of three Altria employees serving on the board of the Cronos Group, a Canada-based cannabis company.4 In 2018, Altria announced it had acquired a 45% stake in Cronos Group, due to increase to 55% by 2022.5

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