Jens Rohde

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Jens Rohde is a Danish politician, who has been a Member of European Parliament (MEP) since 2009.


Rohde is a member of the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).
During the revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), Rohde was a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), one of five key committees tasked to provide a formal opinion on the revised TPD proposal.

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

Regular Meetings with Philip Morris

Leaked internal Philip Morris International (PMI) documents have revealed that the tobacco company had regular contact with Rohde during the TPD revision (see Picture 1), and that the MEP facilitated access between PMI and Danish MEPs Anne Jensen and Morten Lokkegaard (although the extent of their contact with PMI is unknown).12

Picture 1: Snapshot from Philip Morris International leaked document which was leaked in September 2013 (highlights are ours)

Former Member of Staff Working for Philip Morris

PMI’s regular contact with Rohde was facilitated by his former political assistant (2002-2005) Anne Katrine Mevlig (see Picture 2), who had joined PMI Denmark in 2011 as Corporate Affairs Manager.3 Mevlig was one of 161 PMI staff/consultants working on weakening the provisions in the revised TPD proposal.45

Picture 2: Snapshot from Philip Morris International internal document, leaked in September 2013

Opposed Tobacco Control Measures in EU

Tabled Amendments To Weaken TPD

Rohde tried to push several amendments in Parliament’s ITRE Committee to dilute the revised TPD proposal, including removing the prohibition of menthol as a cigarette ingredient and the requirement for 75% health warnings. Rohde proposed that:6

* menthol be excluded from being a ‘characterising flavour’ (adopted by ITRE)

* ‘characterising flavours’ should only be banned when it can be measured to increase the toxicity and addictiveness at stage of consumption (partly adopted by ITRE)

* health warnings should cover only 40% of the pack and be placed at the bottom of the pack (ITRE proposed 50%).

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