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Finsbury International Policy & Regulatory Advisers (Fipra) claims to be “Europe’s leading and most extensive public affairs consultancy network advising clients on a range of government relations and regulatory policy issues”. Over the last 10 years, Fipra has expanded and now operates in over 50 countries in Europe and internationally.
From the company website:

In Europe, we are the only consultancy with top level public affairs advisers not only in Brussels, but throughout the Member States of the European Union. In addition, we have experienced public affairs advisers in a number of European Economic Area Countries and EU candidate countries, as well as many of the EU’s neighbouring countries.1

…much of our work is undertaken with the institutions of the European Union, including the European Commission, European Parliament, and the European Council of Ministers – representing the various Member States of the European Union. Both in Europe and internationally, we also work closely with governments, regulators and national parliaments in their own jurisdictions. Our personnel are well-placed to advise clients in connection with political and regulatory issues in each of the countries in which we operate.2


The first chairman of the Fipra Group’s Representation in Brussels since 2001 is Dirk Hudig, who has a lifelong career of lobbying in Europe, and a track record of links with the tobacco industry. 3

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