Clifford Chance

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Clifford Chance is an international law firm, based in London (UK).

Working for the Tobacco Industry

An article in The Independent in September 2011 revealed that Philip Morris International (PMI) had used the services of Clifford Chance in September 2009 to make an anonymous Freedom of Information (FOI) request on PMI’s behalf. PMI was seeking to force Stirling University to reveal confidential details of its research involving thousands of children aged between 11 and 16 about their attitudes towards smoking and cigarette packaging.1
It was also reported that whilst lodging the FOI request, Clifford Chance had attempted to keep the identity of its client confidential.2 Under the Scottish Freedom of Information Act a third party must name the client it is working on behalf of, in this case PMI.
Previously secret internal tobacco industry documents suggest that Clifford Chance has acted as a long-standing legal consultant to the industry since the mid-1970s, and that clients included Philip Morris,3 the Tobacco Advisory Council4 and British American Tobacco. 5
Furthermore, Clifford Chance was one of the signatories to the 1988 “Joint Legal/Profession Privileged Defence Agreement”, an agreement between tobacco industry lawyers to cooperate and share information to prepare and defend any product liability cases against a tobacco company.6

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