Next Generation Products: Tobacco Company Brands

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This table lists Next Generation Product (NGP) brands belonging to the four main transnational tobacco companies (TTCs).

Brands currently on sale appear in bold. It is noted [in square brackets] if a product has been rebranded, discontinued, or appears to have limited distribution.

Those known to be in development but not on the market at time of publication are in italics. Tobacco-free products are marked with an *.

Table of TTC NGP brands

Product type
Heated Tobacco
Snus & nicotine
Philip Morris
HEETS tobacco sticks
[Marlboro snus]
[Nicolites – on limited sale] (to be used with IQOS)
TEEPS – forthcoming carbon tip device.[1]
British American Tobacco (BAT) Vype / Vuse (in US)
Ten MotivesVIPCHIC
NEO stiks – tobacco sticks (to be used with glo)
EPOK (Sweden)
Camel snus (US, Reynolds)
*Velo (US), *Lyft (outside US)
Neo Core forthcoming carbon tip device
[Previously Revo/ Eclipse].[2][3][4]
Imperial Tobacco (Imperial Brands) blu
[Von Erl, JAI, Puritane]
PulzeSkruf and Knox (Sweden)
Japan Tobacco International (JTI)LogicPloomLD – Sweden
*Nordic Spirit
[Gustavus, Camel in Sweden, ZeroStyle]
TT RESOURCESTobacco companies e-cigarettes:
Tobacco companies’ HTPs:Cigarette companies
investing in snus
Imperial, JTI
Heated Tobacco Products including Swedish Match
For an introduction to e-cigarettes see:
E-cigarettes: The Basics
TT pages forthcoming on Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs) Swedish style snus is illegal in EU countries, outside Sweden. See our pages on Snus

For information on Altria products and investments, see E-Cigarettes: Altria and JUUL Labs e-cigarettes. See the page on Cigarette companies
investing in snus
for its investment in On! tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

Swedish Match also produces Zyn tobacco-free nicotine pouches as well as its tobacco snus products.

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