Global Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights Groups

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Below is a list of Trademark or Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) organisations active in the global tobacco control debate, specifically regarding plain packaging. These groups, along with Unifab and UNION-IP, have been known to collaborate together in their efforts to lobby against plain packaging legislation, as they did with these joint statements:

  • IP Associations’ strong concerns with the Irish Government’s decision to proceed with plain packaging legislation– June 2014
  • Reflexion on the adoption of ‘plain packaging’ legislations – March 2014
  • Objections to the adoption of ‘plain packaging’ and excessive measures restricting normal use of trademarks – July 2013
  • Objection to the adoption of restrictive legislation or policy options frequently referred to as ‘generic’ or ‘plain packaging’ – April 2012
  • It is worth noting that each of the groups listed here has some kind of connection with the tobacco industry. Tobacco companies are fee-paying members of BMM, CSZV, ICC, MARQUES, and Unifab; ECTA receives indirect industry monies via members that are in-house employees of big tobacco, and Union-IP, ECTA,APRMA, BMM, AND MARQUES are affiliated Sister Associations.For more information, see:

    :Transnational Lobby Networks :Third Party Techniques :Plain Packaging :Tobacco Products Directive :Lobbying Decision Makers :Europe