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Background information to person or organisation or tactic.1

Images can be inserted in relevant areas throughout the page.

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

Historical or current relationship with the tobacco industry.

Information about current activity

This information could be split into several sections with subheadings

Subheading one

Information presented.

Subheading two

Response of the Person or Organisation

Sometimes a person or organisation denies any relationship with the tobacco industry. It is important to report and reference this information.

TobaccoTactics Resources

  • Bullet point list of TobaccoTactics pages

Relevant Links

  • Bullet point list of links to external pages

For example:

TCRG Research

  • Link to our open access papers where relevant.


  1. Author Initial and Surname, Title of reference in square brackets with URL if relevant, place published, date published, access date if it is an online reference
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