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Tobacco Tactics’ world-renowned analysis of transnational tobacco companies and their activities, allies, strategies and personnel is the result of a rigorous, peer-reviewed editorial process from a team of expert researchers and writers based at the University of Bath’s Tobacco Control Research Group.

This page gives details on the editorial team for Tobacco Tactics and their research profiles as well as other contributors. If you wish to be considered as a contributing writer and researcher, please see the notes below. If you have a complaint about the content on Tobacco Tactics please see our Right to Reply page.


Andy Rowell: Group Editor

Phil Chamberlain: Managing Editor

Karin Silver: Deputy Editor

Writing team

Dr Raouf Alebshehy

Mercedes Carballo

Louis Laurence

Marzia Violini


Adam Bertscher, Tobacco Control Research Group

Sophie Braznell, Tobacco Control Research Group

Sarah Dance, Tobacco Control Research Group

Amelia Crowther

Dr Allen Gallagher, Tobacco Control Research Group

Dr Rosemary Hiscock, Tobacco Control Research Group

Nancy Karreman, University of Cambridge

Kathrin Lauber, University of Edinburgh

Tess Legg, Tobacco Control Research Group

Dr. Manuja Perera, Centre for Combatting Tobacco Control (CCT)

Dr Mateusz Zatonski, Tobacco Control Research Group

Notes on becoming a contributing writer

If you would like to submit editorial content for Tobacco Tactics or be considered as a contributing writer or researcher please send a request explaining the topic you wish to write on, who you are and your connection with tobacco control to:

TobaccoTactics .AT. bath.ac.uk

Please make sure you have explored Tobacco Tactics and looked at the research interests of the Tobacco Control Research Group before making an approach.

Whether you will be accepted is at the discretion of the Tobacco Control Research Group.

Once invited, all contributors will be asked to sign a Terms of Use for legal reasons and a Conflict of Interest statement. Tobacco Tactics adheres to Article 5.3 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and will not engage with any organisation or individual connected to the tobacco industry.

Acknowledgement of the work of a contributor is at the discretion of the Managing Editor. It is not required to be made public if there are concerns about personal safety.

Limited funding is available for contributing editors but only made in specific circumstances and expenses are covered only in exceptional circumstances.

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