World No Tobacco Day 2023: New TCRG resources


The World Health Organization’s WNTD 2023 message is for the world to “grow food, not tobacco”. Its campaign website contains key facts and figures and calls to action. It also  features a ‘myth buster’ on tobacco growing.

Visit the updated TobaccoTactics page on Tobacco Farming.
As well as containing background on the topic this article points to the use of corporate CSR and ESG initiatives by the transnational tobacco industry to improve its image and reputation in relation to child labour and the environmental and health harms of tobacco.

Explore the updated Tobacco Supply Chain Database
This searchable database shows how companies are involved in every stage of the supply chain, including tobacco farming and primary processing. It covers transnational companies and their subsidiaries, and over 750 independent companies based in 88 countries.

Further reading:

STOP factsheet: How the Tobacco Industry Uses Farmers to Influence Policy, available from

WHO World No Tobacco Day 2023 website


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