Use of flavours in tobacco products – new brief and research summary


A new brief from STOP explains how flavours are used in tobacco products, examines industry tactics in their development and marketing, and reviews policy responses from governments around the world.

The Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG)  has produced several research papers on this topic, which are featured in the brief.  There is also new summary of TCRG research on the “Growing Menace of Flavored Tobacco in Low- and Middle-Income Countries”

See also detailed TobaccoTactics pages on:

The brief, and the research paper on LMICs, are dedicated to the memory of Dr Mateusz Zatoński (1987-2022). Mateusz was a Research Fellow with TCRG. His research, much of which is cited in the brief, has made a significant contribution to our understanding of the impact and use of menthol and flavoured tobacco products. Through collaborating with colleagues in the United Kingdom and across the world, Mateusz exposed how the tobacco industry threatens health and demonstrated how this can be countered by governments, policymakers and public health advocates.

Announcement from the the University of Bath Department for Health

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