UK ASA upholds complaint against PMI funded company, for promotion of e-cigarettes with medicinal claims


The UK Advertising Standards Agency has upheld a complaint from ASH Scotland against locally based retailer VPZ relating to the promotion of e-cigarettes via its ‘vape clinics’.

The ASA stated that “medicinal claims in marketing communications for e-cigarettes remain prohibited in the absence of a relevant MHRA licence”.

TCRG’s Dr Raouf Alebshehy was interviewed on Channel 4 news on 15 February, as well as Sheila Duffy from ASH Scotland, and Professor Emily Banks.

Dr Alebshehy stated that the “conflict of interest is clear” and pointed out that VPZ also advertises tobacco products on its website.

For more information about VPZ’s connections to Philip Morris International and its heated tobacco product IQOS read the TobaccoTactics page on VPZ.

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