Supply Chains Database Expanded


Transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) rely on large numbers of actors to produce their deadly products and secure their profits. Understanding the contribution of these actors is useful for policy makers, civil society, and academics. It can also help investors choose the best place for their money and potentially support independent companies themselves to move away from tobacco.

The Tobacco Supply Chain Database is a unique resource devised and created by Tobacco Control Research Group researchers. It combines international trade data with company data. In addition to information on transnational companies and their subsidiaries, the database has expanded to include up-to-date data on 754 independent companies (not owned or controlled by TTCs) involved in the tobacco supply chain based in 88 countries.

The searchable database shows how companies are involved in every stage of the supply chain, from providing fertilizer to grow tobacco, through constructing machines to produce cigarettes, to those who market and deliver tobacco products to customers.

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