New research highlights supply chains


In an article for the Tobacco Prevention & Cessation JournalDr. Rosemary Hiscock, of Bath’s Tobacco Control Research Group, and Dr. Michael J Bloomfield, of Bath’s Social Policy department, show the importance of studying tobacco supply chains for advancing tobacco control.

They analysed academic articles and industry journals to develop a map of the tobacco supply chain. They point at processes, actors and industries involved in the life-cycle of tobacco products– from farming, to leaf processing, packaging, use and decay. The researchers found that the design of supply chains can be detrimental for farmers, as well as contributing to climate change, deforestation and the destruction of aquatic life. 

The authors emphasise the importance for tobacco control policies to consider not only Transnational Tobacco Companies, but also the processes, actors and industries that support the supply chain of their products. 

You can read the full article here. 

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