Article summarising the impact of menthol and flavour bans makes key policy recommendations


A new editorial in Tobacco Prevention & Cessation, co-authored by TCRG researcher Dr. Rosemary Hiscock, summarises the effects of menthol bans in Canada and Europe, including the lack of evidence of an increase in illicit trade.

The authors point to tobacco industry efforts to undermine menthol bans as highlighted by TCRG research on TobaccoTactics, and raise key questions about potential legal challenges to flavour regulations and how feasible it is to implement them in countries with access to fewer resources.

Major policy recommendations relate to bans on menthol accessories, the need for rapid implementation, and a focus on cessation programmes for smokers of menthol products.

Read the article here:  K. Przewoźniak, C. Kyriakos, R. Hiscock et al,  Effects of and challenges to bans on menthol and other flavors in tobacco products, Tobacco Prevention & Cessation, 2021; 7 (November): 68, doi: 10.18332/tpc/143072

Available from the ENSP website:

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