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The politicians in this category are decision makers involved in the regulation of Tobacco Control, on key topics like Plain Packaging, Display Ban, Price and Tax, either in UK Government Policy or at the European level.

Some of them may have a soft spot for Big Tobacco. They may have enjoyed hospitality by accepting invitations to a private dinner or high-prized events, like the Tory Under Secretary of State Crispin Blunt did in 2011 - a tactic nicknamed Wining and Dining, categorised as Hospitality. Politicians may have links to PR Companies or Think Tanks hired by Tobacco Companies. Some of them may have entered politics through the revolving door, after working in the tobacco industry.

Their own network consists of Political Advisors who might be open to industry concerns, and Civil Servants who prepare their points of view and decisions on regulation. Politicians and their entourage will be targeted by Lobbyists and PR People or by Tobacco Industry People themselves, voicing the concerns of the industry.