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Using Lobby Groups is one of the ways in which Tobacco Companies are Lobbying Decision Makers. Lobby Groups act on on behalf of the tobacco industry, contacting regulators and policy makers with the aim to influence regulation and legislation.

The page on Lobbying Decision Makers explains the issue in more detail, discussing - amongst other things - the difference, or rather, the thin line between direct and indirect lobbying. Lobby groups speaking on behalf of the industry could be understood as direct lobbying - specifically if it is transparent who has paid them to do this. Transparency, however, is a treasure hard to find in this line of business. Apart from the groups mentioned above, Think Tanks or other policy institutions can also be involved in (indirect)lobbying.

The Lobby Groups listed at this page include industry organisations (tobacco related) and more generic trade organisations.

Please note that there are separate categories for:

So, also check the latter page for specific people involved in lobbying for the Tobacco Industry.

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