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The tobacco industry has a long history of influencing science by covertly paying scientists and sponsoring institutes to publish research that benefits the industry. Historically, the results of this research were used to influence regulation and public health policy. Today, Tobacco Industry funded groups, such as the Philip Morris International-funded Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW), have been accused of similar practices1 by financing research that “serves to benefit its funder’s scientific and political agenda.”2

This database allows users to search and analyse the FSFW’s published and funded research, reports, and comments. 

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Tobacco Harm Reduction: A Burning Issue for Asia

Author(s): Harry Shapiro

Organisation(s): Knowledge Action Change

Publication: Report in Knowledge Action Change, 18 April 2021 (English)

Topic(s): Health, Science, and Technology

Scope: Asia

The First complete Zoroastrian-Parsi Mitochondria Reference Genome: Implications of mitochondrial signatures in an endogamous, non-smoking population

Author(s): Villoo Morawala Patell, Naseer Pasha, Kashyap Krishnasamy, Bharti Mittal, Chellappa Gopalakrishnan, Raja Mugasimangalam, Naveen Sharma, Arati-Khanna Gupta, Pervis Bhote-Patell, Sudha Rao, Renuka Jain

Organisation(s): The Avestagenome Project, Avesthagen Limited

Publication: Preprint in BioRxiv, 8 June 2020 (English)

Topic(s): Health, Science, and Technology

Scope: Global

Women as Levers of Change

Author(s): FP Analytics

Organisation(s): FP Analytics

Publication: Report in FP Analytics, N/A (English)

Topic(s): Other

Scope: Global

Tobacco Harm Reduction and the Right to Health

Author(s): Ruth Goldsmith

Organisation(s): Knowledge Action Change

Publication: Report in Knowledge Action Change, 12 July 2020 (English, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Swahili, French, Russian, German, Portugese, Polish, Hindi)

Topic(s): Health, Science, and Technology

Scope: Global

Insurer Perspectives on Smoking Risks

Author(s): Marsh & McLennan Insights

Organisation(s): Marsh & McLennan, Oliver Wyman

Publication: Report in Marsh & McLennan, 2019 (English)

Topic(s): Other

Scope: Global

The Future of Smallholder Farming in Malawi

Author(s): Milu Muyanga, Zephania Nyirenda, Yanjanani Lifeyo, William Burke

Organisation(s): MwAPATA Institute, National Planning Commission, Michigan State University

Publication: Report in MwAPATA Institute, 1 August 2020 (English)

Topic(s): Agriculture & Livelihoods

Scope: Malawi

Trends in tobacco smoking and smoking cessation in Russia with a focus on Indigenous populations: A narrative review

Author(s): Alexander Merkin, Artem Nikolaev, Igor Nikoforov, Alexander Komarov, Marewa Glover

Organisation(s): CoREISS, Academy for Postgraduate Education (Moscow), Lab of the Future (Moscow), National Centre for Development of Social Support and Rehabilitation (Moscow)

Publication: Journal Article in Global Epidemiology, 23 November 2020 (English)

Topic(s): Health, Science, and Technology

Scope: Russia


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  1. M. Daube, R. Moodie, M. McKee. Towards a smoke-free world? Philip Morris International’s new Foundation is not credibleThe Lancet, 2017 Oct 14;390(10104):1722-1724, doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(17)32561-8
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