Yoji Wakui

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Yoji Wakui was the Chairman of the Board of Japan Tobacco Group from 2004-2012. 1 2

Revolving Door: Previously Worked in Government

Before joining Japan Tobacco, Wakui worked for the Japanese Ministry of Finance.3
According to The Japan Times, Japan Tobacco was “a well-known Finance Ministry retirement destination; in fact, former JT presidents have been ex-Finance people, until that sort of blatant amakudari whereby senior Japanese bureaucrats were plucked from the civil service and installed in executive positions within the public or private sector apparently started to look bad”.4 5


Wakui has been Chairperson of the Affinis Arts Foundation since 2016, a Foundation established by Japan Tobacco in 1988 with the aim to develop and improve Japanese musical culture by giving grants to musical artists, and organising concerts and other musical events.6 7

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