Yasushi Shingai

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Yasushi Shingai was appointed Executive Vice President and Representative Director at Japan Tobacco Group in 2011.1

Long-Standing Career with Japan Tobacco

Shingai has worked for Japan Tobacco, and its predecessor, Salt Public Corporation, since 1980, and has held several senior management positions including:

  • Executive Deputy President and Representative Director as of June 2011
  • Member of the Board, Executive Vice President, Japan Tobacco International (June 2006)
  • Member of the Board, Senior Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer (June 2005)
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (July 2004)
  • Senior Vice President, Head of Finance Group (June 2004)
  • Vice President of Financial Planning Division (July 2001)

Shingai was the Executive Vice President of Japan Tobacco International (JTI), and chief negotiator, when the company acquired the British tobacco company Gallaher in 2007.2 JTI is one of several business segments of parent company Japan Tobacco, with other segments including domestic tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and processed food.3

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