Stefan Fitz

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Stefan Fitz has been on the leadership team of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) since 2007.1
He was appointed Regional President in Western Europe in October 2018.

Career with the Tobacco Industry

Fitz joined Austria Tabak’s Tobacco in 1995 as Managing Director of its international business. He played an important role in the integration of Austria Tabak into Gallaher, which in turn was later acquired by JTI.2

  • Regional President for the Asia Pacific region (2010 to 2018)
  • Regional President in Central Europe (2007)
  • Managing Director in Central Europe at Gallaher (2001)
  • General Manager of Austria Tabak’s Tobacco Division (1999)

Challenged Plain Packaging Legislation in Australia

JTI launched a legal challenge in Australia’s High Court against the introduction of plain packaging legislation in 2011, arguing that this legislation removed their intellectual property rights in a manner contrary to section 51 of the Australian Constitution. 3
Australia’s High Court rejected JTI’s case in 2012.4
Fitz responded by saying that JTI had “hoped that common sense would prevail” in regards to this legalisation, adding that it “clearly has not”.5

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