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Dr Richard Tubb is a retired Brigadier General in the US Air Force and former White House physician. He served three presidents in various White House capacities, including director of the White House Medical Unit and physician to the president, and retired from the White House and the Air Force in 2009.1

Relationship with Tobacco Industry

Was Board Member of Tobacco Company

Tubb was on the Board of British American Tobacco (BAT) from January 2013 to April 2016.23
When Tubb was appointed in 2013, Richard Burrows, Chairman of BAT, commented:

“This appointment further demonstrates our commitment to putting science at the heart of our business and I am excited about the role Richard will play in the development of our strategy.”

BAT’s press release claimed that Tubbs was “a leading public health figure actively involved in the science and policy development of tobacco harm reduction and alternative nicotine products”.
However, Tubb’s official US Air Force CV4 did not mention any work in tobacco harm reduction, and searches undertaken on 18 March 2013 of health publication databases (including Web of Knowledge, Scopus, PubMed, and Embase) reveal no peer-reviewed publications authored by Tubb on the subject of tobacco harm reduction.

Speaker at Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum

In 2015, Tubb was an invited speaker at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum, an annual tobacco industry event previously known as the Global Tobacco Networking Forum.5 For a list of other invited speakers, see also:

Parallax and Philip Morris

In 2018, Tubb was listed as a Board Member of a Canadian company called Parallax, whose mission is “to end the scourge of cigarette smoking with a safe and pure product”.67 It is unclear when the company was founded, but the company’s website has only been registered since February 2018.8
In June 2018, Parallax announced that it was going into partnership with Philip Morris International (PMI) to “accelerate our mission”.

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