Pro-Tobacco Bloggers

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Pro-tobaco bloggers put the issue of the right to smoke in the context of fundamental human rights, liberty and freedom. They do not want interference from the government, or ‘the Nanny State’ as they call it. These bloggers could be understood as pro-smoking bloggers. They all claim to be independent from the industry, but their arguments are often similar to those of the tobacco industry.
This category also includes the people who blog on Snus. Snus bloggers and pro-smoking bloggers have found common ground in their fight against the plans for more restrictive regulation in the revision of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). In April 2012 for instance, active pro-smoking blogger Chris Snowdon wrote two pieces on the threats for snus users from Brussels (“More prohibition?”), and snus-blogger Tim Haigh linked to it from his Snusify blog.

Some of the most active pro-tobacco bloggers are:

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