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By visiting the TobaccoTactics website, a user is agreeing with both the privacy policies of the University of Bath and of Tobacco Tactics. For more information on the University’s Privacy Policy please see: University of Bath Privacy and Cookie Policy

The TobaccoTactics privacy policy covers personal data that is collected from visitors who access the TobaccoTactics website. Personal data is any kind of data or information that can identify you as an individual. We are committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of all TobaccoTactics visitors in relation to the processing of their personal data.

What Personal Data Do We Collect; How Do We Use It; How Long Do We Keep It For

Below we detail how we collect personal data, what we do with it, and how long we keep that data. Your information will be used only for the purposes for which it was provided. We do not sell, rent, provide or disclose personally identifiable information to any commercial users or marketing firms.

Names and Addresses

From time to time, we collect names and email addresses of visitors only when they actively submit their data to us via linked surveys hosted on the website. Your information will only be used for the purposes for which it was provided, and shared only with collaborators clearly identified.

If you have signed up to receive information in this way, but no longer wish to receive email updates from us, you can email us at Tobacco-Tactics AT and your details will be removed promptly.


As well as the personal information you optionally provide, TobaccoTactics uses cookies (small text files) by default. Cookies collect anonymous information about you when you visit the site and are used by editors and administrators. We do not analyse or utilise cookies in any other way.

Whilst by continuing to use TobaccoTactics you consent for cookies to be placed on your computer, you can always restrict or delete cookies by adjusting the browser preferences on your own computer. However, if you do this, it may interfere with some of the functionality of the site.


As part of all websites, the underlying TobaccoTactics server records IP information (Internet Protocol information), and date and web page objects accessed including texts and images. This information is deleted and removed after a standard seven days.

Google Analytics

Like many websites, we use Google Analytics to enable us to analyse data such as the number of people accessing our site, which country they are located in, what kind of device they are using and what topics or pages they visited and for how long. This is aggregate data and does not identify you as an individual.

The data is periodically analysed to see which topics people are most interested in and how we might improve the user experience. To enable us to track use overtime we have aggregated data records for the last three years.

We may share the findings of our analysis with international collaborators and funders, including those outside the EU.

Other Websites

Wikis contain many internal and external links. When you click on external links to other websites, we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of any third party.


The TobaccoTactics team and the University are committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of all individuals in relation to the processing of their personal data. You have the right to access any personal data that relates to you, which the University holds. Any person who wishes to exercise this right should see the Subject Access Rights Page for details on how to do so.

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