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Pantarhei Advisors is an Austrian public relations company, with offices in Vienna, Graz and Brussels.1

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

In 2016, Politico news reported that Pantarhei Advisors were lobbying the European Ombudsman on behalf of Philip Morris in relation to the European Ombudsman’s investigation into tobacco lobbying transparency.2
Two Pantarhei employees, Anton Schoegl and Jana Tenglerova, attended a meeting on 27 April 2017 hosted by the Ombudsman, aimed at discussing how tobacco lobbying transparency can be enhanced.3 Schoegl and Tenglerova registered their attendance as employees of Pantarhei.
Despite attending a meeting on lobbying transparency, Pantarhei did not respond to emails from the Tobacco Control Research Group (University of Bath) seeking clarification if it was representing Philip Morris at that meeting.45

Employees: Past and Present

Laura Sperlich, Corporate Affairs Executive at Philip Morris Austria since 2015, used to be a senior consultant at Pantarhei from 2011 to 2014.6


In 2017, Pantarhei was a member of the Austrian Public Affairs Association (OEPAV).7 Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, and Philip Morris were also OEPAV members.

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