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Mercury is an American public relations (PR) company, with offices across the United States, London, Mexico City and Singapore.1 It is a subsidiary of Fleishman-Hillard, one of the largest PR firms in the world.2


Staff: Past & Present

  • Stephen Aaron – Managing Director, based in the Washington office, who “helps clients nuance complex issues to deliver effective messages amid intense national debates to move the public in support of client agendas”.3 Aaron, and his colleague Simpson, manage Mercury’s Altria account (see below).4
  • Tony Fabrizio – Senior Counselor and considered an “expert in public opinion and politics”, who was the Chief Pollster for President Trump’s 2016 campaign. He previously advised several Fortune 500 companies, including Altria.5
  • Patrick Muttart – worked for Mercury as Managing Director in its Canada office from 2009 to 2012.67 He then moved to Philip Morris International (PMI) where he first worked as Government Affairs and Corporate Communication Director Asia, and then Corporate Affairs Director PMI Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In January 2018 he was appointed PMI’s Corporate Affairs Director Philippines.
  • Al Simpson – Managing Director and based at the Washington office.8 He co-manages the Altria account.
  • George Tucker, Senior Vice President and based in the London office, formerly Head of Communications for Imperial Brands (previously Imperial Tobacco).9

Direct and Indirect Relationship with the Tobacco Industry


In 2018 Mercury was hired by Altria to be its “Washington lobbyist on tobacco product legislation”. Records of the United States Senate Office of Public Records document that the contract was worth US$150,000 in 2018.10 Altria has lobbied the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on “the long term promise of e-vapor products and harm reduction”.11 In a letter to the FDA in October 2018, Altria’s Chairman Howard A. Willard III stated that “we believe e-vapor products present an important opportunity for adult smokers to switch from combustible cigarettes”. In December 2018 Altria angered the FDA by acquiring a 35% stake in e-cigarette company JUUL Labs, which the FDA has deemed responsible for “a significant proportion of the overall use of e-cigarette products by children”.12

Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

Mercury has also provided PR services to the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW), an ostensibly independent scientific organisation which aims to ‘accelerate the end of smoking, but which is solely funded by Philip Morris International. The FSFW 2018 tax return shows that the Foundation paid Mercury US$ 664,616 for PR services rendered in 2018.13

Maria Alvarado, Vice President of Mercury’s office in Austin, was listed as the main contact on the FSFW press release for World No Smoking Day 2018.14

Embroiled in Controversy About Foreign Lobbying

In 2018 Mercury found itself at the heart of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference with President Trump’s election win in 2016.15 Mueller’s investigation found that Vin Weber, a partner at Mercury’s offices in Washington, had been involved in a lobbying campaign that was set to benefit pro-Russia Ukrainian politicians and had been paid millions through offshore bank accounts set up by Manafort, Trump’s former campaign Chairman.16 In May 2018 a Mercury spokesperson responded against the allegations saying that the firm has “always welcomed any inquiry since we acted appropriately at every step of the process, including hiring a top lawyer in Washington and following his advice. We’ll continue to cooperate as we have previously”.17

The case was passed on to Justice Department prosecutors.18

Aside from its involvement in Ukraine, Mercury has been criticised for working with oppressive regimes, notably Uganda.1920

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