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Just Managing Consulting is a grantee of the PMI funded Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW).


The main author of the company’s reports is Daniel Malan,12 an Assistant Professor of Business Ethics at Trinity College Dublin.3 Previously, Malan had spent 10 years at KPMG, an accountancy firm with a longstanding relationship with the tobacco industry, followed by 15 years at the University of Stellenbosch.4

Links to the tobacco industry

In May 2017, Just Managing Consulting produced a report for the Africa Harm Reduction Alliance (AHRA). The AHRA is co-founded by Delon Human, a South African doctor with a history of collaborating with British American Tobacco (BAT) on tobacco harm reduction. The AHRA report – “Where there’s no smoke, is there still fire? Ethical aspects of Tobacco harm reduction” – argued for tobacco harm reduction and discusses the role of the tobacco industry in producing harm reduction products.2

Funded by the Foundation for a Smoke-free World

Since January 2020 it has received FSFW grants amounting to a total of US$ 87,350 for a series of projects:

  • US$20,000 for a project titled “Public Health and Government Investment in Tobacco” 5 6
  • US$38,250 for the production of a report on “government ownership in tobacco companies”, titled “Contradictions and Conflicts”6
  • US$29,100 for a report titled “A theory of Change for State-owned Tobacco Enterprises” 6

In 2020, Just Managing Consulting produced a report for the FSFW, titled “Contradictions and Conflicts”, launched as part of the lead up to the Tobacco Transformation Index. The report outlined how state ownership of tobacco companies creates a “conflict of interest” with the WHO FCTC. The report advocated for tobacco harm reduction in partnership with state owned tobacco industries.1

Malan appeared on the FSFW podcast with Dereck Yach in September 20207 and was a keynote speaker at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum 2020 in his capacity as an Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin.8

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