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Europe Economics is a financial consultancy firm which lists its specialties as:

  • Economic regulation;
  • Competition policy;
  • The application of economics to public and business policy issues

According to its website Europe Economics’ clients include:

“government departments, regulators, the European Commission and the European Parliament, companies both large and small, industry and professional representative bodies, law firms, public affairs advisors and charitable bodies.”1

Europe Economics was founded in 1998 by Dermot Glynn. Prior to his role as Chairman of Europe Economics, Glynn had previously held roles as the Managing Director of NERA, the Chief Economist of KPMG, the Economic Director of the Confederation of British Industry, and a member of the Department of Applied Economics at Cambridge University.

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

In response to UK government proposals for a Point of Sale Display Ban and Plain Packaging for tobacco products, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) commissioned four pieces of work from Europe Economics, authored by Dr Andrew Lilico:

In May 2018, JTI commission another piece of work from Europe Economics:

Third-Party Technique: Transparency

In the main text of each report, Europe Economics discloses that the research was funded by JTI. However, in JTI’s lengthy submission to the UK Consultation on Plain Packaging, the company referred to two of the above reports but did not disclose that they funded the research in this instance.

Europe Economics did not submit their own detailed response to the UK consultation on plain packaging.

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