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Euromonitor International is a market research company which provides analysis at a global and country level on services and products, including tobacco.1 It produces reports and data on market size, company and brand market share and industry trends.2

Euromonitor’s paid-for data service is used by numerous academic, corporate and governmental organisations. The University of Bath’s subscription was established before 2016. Among the university organisations which use it is the Department for Health, of which the Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG) is a part.

Research contracts with the tobacco industry

In March 2019, it was revealed that Euromonitor had received funding from two Philip Morris International (PMI)-funded organisations: PMI IMPACT and the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW).3

According to the PMI IMPACT website, Euromonitor was contracted to “develop cross-sectoral policies to counter illicit trade”.4

The company’s first FSFW funded project, commenced in 2019 and amounting to US$3,512,116. It is described on the FSFW website as “Manage work streams associated with the Tobacco Transformation Index, including stakeholder consultations, index research and reporting, and evaluation”.5 According to the FSFW’s 2020 Tax Returns, Euromonitor received another grant of US$494,937 to “investigate the impact of the EU menthol ban and its potential to reduce the total consumption of combustible tobacco” 6 In 2021, Euromonitor received a further US$2,283,389 from FSFW for projects relating to the Tobacco Transformation Index,7 and in 2022 this funding continued with Euromonitor receiving US$1,852,926.8

In response to criticism over acceptance of tobacco industry funding, Euromonitor said these projects would be “undertaken strictly on the basis of non-interference and lack of support for any industry narrative”, and that work on these discrete projects is “firewalled” from the wider statistical database and organisational activity.3

Use of Euromonitor data on Tobacco Tactics

Tobacco Tactics, an output of the TCRG, uses data from Euromonitor for analysis on key topics relating to the tobacco industry, such as statistics on the market share of companies and brands, and reports on specific products, including newer nicotine and tobacco products. Euromonitor provides a continuously updated source of data, often in areas without any other source, and so has been referenced widely across the site.

Prior to March 2019, there is no record of Euromonitor accepting tobacco industry-linked funding. Where we use data from Euromonitor from after that date, we have linked to this page so that we are transparent about the sources of data. This is consistent with our practice of academically rigorous strict referencing, which always indicates the origin of external information referenced on this site.

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