Dan Donovan

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Dan Donovan is a designer and photographer.
He is a supporter of Forest campaigns including Hands off our packs and Save Our Pubs and Clubs.12
He designed Forest’s Christmas card in 2011 and also did the photography and design for a Privacy International report on smoking and privacy, which was produced and paid for “at the request” of pro-smoking group Forest.34
He has also worked for The Free Society.5

Against the Smoking Ban

In 2007 Donovan produced a photographic journal book, ‘ninety smokers – smoke free England?’, which illustrates smoking culture leading up to the 2007 smoking ban. Although he wrote that ‘this collection of work isn’t about either promoting or vilifying the act of smoking; it’s intended to capture an honest representation of smoking culture in Britain pre-July 2007’, he added that he had “encountered many stories which only exacerbated my feelings that this blanket ban is… unjustified and morally questionable”…”this piece of work is an historic record of smokers enjoying smoking freely – before their pleasure became criminalised”.6

Against Plain Packaging

As a supporter of the Hands Off Our Packs campaign, Donovan argues that:

Plain packaging is an insult to our intelligence. I didn’t choose to smoke because of a brightly coloured packet. I chose to smoke because I enjoy it.

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