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The ‘Brussels Network’ is a forum, organised by a group of Members of European Parliament (MEPs), which gives industry representatives an opportunity “to discuss topical issues and ways of working together” with MEPs and parliamentary staff.1

Lobbying on the EU Tobacco Products Directive Revision

In January 2013, MEPs Christofer Fjellner, Syed Kamall and Alexander Graf Lambdorff organised a Brussels Network meeting where tobacco was the agenda item, and Swedish Match was given the opportunity to give their side of the story about their involvement in Dalligate. “We believe this will lead to a fruitful discussion on policy making as well as political corruption. Tobacco legislation is certainly on the agenda, in the light of the new Tobacco Products Directive coming up”, said the email invitation.1
Mr Fjellner is known to promote a pro-snus agenda and oppose the EU ban on snus sales.23 In the lead up to the public consultation on the EU Tobacco Products Directive Revision in 2010, in which he organised an online petition to lift the ban on snus3, Mr Fjellner’s online diary showed two scheduled meetings with Swedish Match. His online diary is no longer publicly available, making it unclear if Mr Fjellner has met with the tobacco company since this time.4

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