British American Tobacco: “A Better Tomorrow” Rebrand

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In March, 2020 British American Tobacco (BAT) rebranded its website, with a new logo and the prominent strapline “A Better Tomorrow”.1

This phrase was originally trademarked by subsidiary Nicoventures in July 2019 and used to promote its newer nicotine products, notably in motorsports. It was also registered to cover conventional tobacco products.2

Slide with diagram of BAT's strategy with 'A Better Tomorrow' at the centre

Image 1: BAT’s strategy in 2020 (Source: British American Tobacco, Capital Markets Day Presentation)

A statement on BAT’s website placed this slogan at the centre of BAT’s strategy (see Image 1):

Our purpose is to build a better tomorrow by reducing the health impact of our business through offering a greater choice of enjoyable and less risky products for our consumers.”3

The company stated that cigarettes remained “at the core” of its business and key to growth, and it expressed only an “aim to generate an increasingly greater proportion of our revenue from products other than cigarettes” in order to reduce health impacts.3

Slide showing images of young adults smoking, and using other next generation products

Image 2: BAT’s “mission” in 2020 (Source: British American Tobacco, Capital Markets Day Presentation)

BAT stated that its new mission was about “stimulating the senses of New Adult Generations”.3 According to its investor presentation in March 2020, this includes stimulating senses through the use, not just of newer products, but also of conventional cigarettes and roll your own tobacco (RYO) (Image 2).4

Slide with diagrams identifying potential 'round the clock' occasions for using various tobacco and NGP products

Image 3: Identifying “occasions” to use for NGPs (Source: British American Tobacco, Capital Markets Day Presentation)

In its presentation, BAT developed the idea of “regaining moments”.4 It termed the times when smoking is restricted due to regulations, or social norms, as “lost occasions”, and that these were all occasions that could be “maintained” around the clock through the use of BAT’s newer products (Image 3).4

image of diagram showing BAT's market by category

Image 4: The Market Opportunity (Source: British American Tobacco, Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference, 9 June 2021)

BAT’s 2020 Annual Report continued the theme, with reference to “the evolving and varied needs of today’s consumer who seeks sensorial enjoyment for different moods and moments”.5 In 2021, BAT also referred to “On The Go Wellbeing & Stimulation” in a presentation to investors, while predicting further growth in the nicotine consumer pool (Image 4).6

In 2024, BAT Chief Executive, Tadeu Marroco, explained that BAT was “refining our A Better TomorrowTM purpose, with a vision to ‘Build A Smokeless World’” (Image 4).7 This new wording was subsequently reflected across the BAT website.89

An image of a diagram showing BAT's three strategic pillars

Image 5: Refining our strategy with new Strategic Pillars (Source: British American Tobacco, FY 2023 presentation, 9 February 2024)

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