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Brad Rodu is Professor of Medicine at the University of Louisville in Kentucky (United States), and senior scientist at its James Graham Brown Cancer Center.1 Rodu has a background in dentistry and oral pathology and his research focuses on tobacco harm reduction, which he promotes on his blog Tobacco Truth. Rodu has worked closely with Carl V Phillips, Riccardo Polosa, and Joel Nitzkin.

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

Rodu’s blog declared in June 2019 that his current research is supported by unrestricted grants from tobacco manufacturers to the University of Louisville, and by the Kentucky Research Challenge Trust Fund (which is also partially funded by tobacco companies).2 An academic paper Rodu published in 2013, with Riccardo Polosa as first author, declared this conflict of interest.3
Rodu reported receiving funding from British American Tobacco from 2010 to 2015, and Altria from 2010-12.4
Rodu’s endowed chair at the University of Louisville, which he took up in 2005, and associated research funds were created by the James Graham Brown Cancer Center using more than $3 million in unrestricted gifts by U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company and Swedish Match North America, Inc. to the University of Louisville.5 The University emphasised that the money came with no strings attached: “The sponsors have no influence over the chair holder’s research. The funds and the chair are part of the “Finding Answers to Cancer” campaign. The university matched this commitment in part by the state’s Research Challenge Trust Fund”.6 The university states that this fund (commonly known as “Bucks for Brains”) uses state funds to match private donations, “effectively doubling the impact of private investment supporting research in strategically defined areas”.7 Donors to Bucks for Brains include Swedish Match and the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.8
Before moving to Louisville in 2005, Rodu was supported in part by an unrestricted gift from the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company to the Tobacco Research Fund of the University of Alabama.9
Between 2000 and 2009, Rodu also worked with tobacco company RJ Reynolds assisting the promotion of industry positions on harm reduction.101112

Links to Industry-Funded Think Tanks

Rodu is a Senior Fellow of the Heartland Institute,13 which does not disclose its funders, but has been funded by Philip Morris, and used to have a Philip Morris manager, Roy Marden, on its board.101415
Rodu is also an Associate Fellow to R Street Institute, which split from the Heartland Institute in 2012 and which has also received tobacco industry funding.1617

Invited Speaker at Events

Rodu has been listed as a speaker at various events frequented or organised by the tobacco industry, including:

  • June 2019: the 6th Global Forum on Nicotine.18
  • January 2013: Keynote speaker at the Tobacco Plus Expo International, a tobacco industry trade fair to discuss “How has the tobacco retail business evolved; where was it fifteen years ago, where is it today and where is it going”.19
  • June 2012: Was originally listed as a speaker at the 2012 Global Tobacco Networking Forum (from 2015 known as the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum)20
    , however Rodu’s name disappeared of the speakers’ list in April 2012.21
  • November 2011: Listed speaker at TabExpo in Prague.22
  • September 2007: Keynote speaker on the industry organised 1st Harm Reduction Symposium: An Alternative Strategy for Smokers in Japan.23 The symposium was organised by the European Smokeless Tobacco Council (ESTOC), sponsored by British American Tobacco and supported by Swedish Match. Other speakers were Stefan Noreen (Swedish Ambassador to Japan), Bengt Jonsson (Vice President for Smokeless Operations Asia, Swedish Match), Dr Shintaro Sengoku (Lecturer, University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Justine Williamson (International Scientific Engagement Manager, BAT).24

In May 2018, Rodu contacted the University of Bath to state: “I did not make a presentation or attend the meetings in Prague (2011) and Antwerp (2012).” 25

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