Ashok Rammohan

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Ashok Rammohan joined Philip Morris International (PMI) in 1994 as an intern. 1 He became President for Affiliates in Russia and Belarus at PMI in 2018.2
He served on the Board of SMPM International, a joint venture between PMI and Swedish Match aimed at internationalising snus, until it was dissolved in 2015.3

Long-Standing Career with Philip Morris International

Rammohan joined PMI in the Philippines in 1994 as an intern.
Before he joined PMI in Switzerland to work in Research & Development, he held managerial positions in the Asian region, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Indonesia.1
In 2017 he became PMI’s Managing Director Next Generation Products & Adjacent Business.1

Embroiled in Controversy Relating to Company Shareholdership

In 2010, PMI was investigated by the Indian Commerce Ministry for allowing non-Indian citizens to hold shares in Indian companies.4 This breached the Indian Foreign Business Act.
According to a news report, the ministry had uncovered that PMI had changed the name of one of its shareholders, listed in 2005 as Australian Paul Dean Riley, to Ashok Rammohan in 2006, who has Indian nationality.4 An internet search did not return any information on the outcome of the investigation.

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