Antonella Pederiva

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Pederiva was the Secretary General of the Confederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers (CECCM), rebranded as Tobacco Europe in September 2019, until June 2017.1 She now works for the European lottery company the SAZKA Group.


Antonella Pederiva is the ex-Director of the Italian Dairy Industry Association.2

Career with Tobacco Industry

Pederiva started as Director for Institutional Relations at CECCM in 1999. She was appointed Secretary General in January 2003. She left CECCM in June 2017 and was appointed Head of the European office of SAZKA GROUP in October 2017.3

Sigrid Marz, an employee of Russell Reynolds Associates, the executive search consultants hired to vet candidates for the Institutional Relations position at CECCM in 1999, argued in a confidential letter to CECCM leadership that “we were most impressed by this woman who says, ‘I am a lobbyist and I like lobbying'”.2

As another positive attribute for Pederiva the letter quoted her “extensive network. She, for example, knows very well the Italian who is likely to take on the responsibility in DGVI”.2

Tobacco Tactics Resources

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