Anonymous Tobacco Trolls

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There are numerous examples of anonymous pro-smoking “trolls” who spread misinformation on the smoking debate and denigrate leading public health advocates. One such example is “mummybest”.


Denies Smoking Causes Cancer

In comments posted to the Guardian newspaper, Mummybest posted:

Here’s a question. Has anyone ever sued a tobacco retailer, from whom they bought their cigarettes for decades, for causing their lung cancer?

Quick answer: No because smoking has never been proved to cause lung cancer.”1

Denies Second-Hand Smoke Causes Cancer

mummybest has also posted:

“In response to someone who wrote I accept the “passive smoking argument”

“Why ? It has never been scientifically proved even though plenty of ‘scientists’ have tried.”

If there was another cause of his cancer (rather than genetics) it was probably all the Fullers earth used in the film sets that he was on. Look it up and stop being stupid enough to think that Roy Castle developed cancer due to imaginary ‘second-hand smoke’. It does not exist except in the minds of puritans and control freaks.” 1

“Increase in Asthma Caused by ‘Health Puritans'”

mummybest argues that smoking decline has led to an increase in asthma:

What a load of crap !!! Smoking rates have fallen over the last few decades ans Asthma has dramatically risen. When during the 40’s 50’60’s children were in the company of smoking parents (smokers were in the majority then) there were hardly any asthma cases and no kids carried the obligatory asthma pump accessory. It is obvious that kids lungs in the wonderful new clean and smokefree world have no idea how to eliminate irritants. The smoke ‘taught’ the kids lungs how to work. Now these kids lungs are useless and millions of the little darlings have asthma caused by the health puritans. 2

Attacks Linda Bauld

Along with other pro-smoking bloggers, mummybest attacks Linda Bauld :

Another ridiculous ‘report’ by the useless Linda Bauld. She must get paid to do a ‘study’ every week. She is a typical anti-smoker that uses a small sample of people to come up with the results that are requested. 43 people !!!! – Her last fake ‘study’ consisted of trying to convince people that bar workers health had improved since the ban. The enormous number of bar workers in the ‘study’ was 64 !!! This ‘study’ of hers is designed to convince everyones that the ban on smoking in pubs is saving the lives of bar workers. This woman is dangerous.3

[email protected] was also the email account that sent the “FrankDavis’ intimidating blog post to Linda Bauld.

Attacks Ash

The money smokers spend in the U.K. funds the likes of ASH and pays Deborah Arnott’s lucrative salary. ASH purports to be a ‘charity’ and yet the vast majority of their income comes from the Government and the pharmaceutical companies. The drug company has huge interests in getting ASH to promote no smoking as the NHS pump £millions into their NRT products. This woman is a menace and most certainly deranged.4

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