Andy Robbins

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The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association used the services of a consultant called Andy Robbins, who worked for a company, organisation or campaign called ‘CMA’.
Robbins attended meetings of the TMA’s Campaign Group in 2000 and 2001.1
According to the minutes of a TMA meeting in January 2001, Robbins was helping the Tobacco Alliance manage a questionnaire that was to form the basis of a report.2 Other minutes say CMA provided “mail support” to the TA.3 Robbins was also part of a TMA “retailer support project” in 1999.4
TMA accounts show that £50,000 was budgeted for “CMA campaign support costs” for the financial year 2000-1, and a further £50,000 for the following year.5
Imperial Tobacco employed an Andy Robbins for 20 years between 1972 to 1992, as General Marketing Manager.6 It is unclear if these are the same person.

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